Why People Wear Wigs 
Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 02:27 PM
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Wigs have been around since the days of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians in those days often wore hair wigs to cover their bald heads and protect them from the scorching sun. The wigs were quite often used by royalty. Wearing a hair wig seemed to provide the wearer with some kind of social standing. King Louis XIV popularized wigs in France. Today, all kinds of wigs are available ranging from Noriko wigs, Rene of Paris wigs, Ellen Wille wigs and many more.

In the past both men and women wore wigs although it was the men that outnumbered the women. The wigs that they wore came with a powder that had a scent of lavender or orange so that the wearer would smell extra pleasant but the disadvantage was that the powder also made the color of the wig change. The wigs could be white, blue, pink or light purple giving the wearer a lot of flexibility. But people soon lost interest in powdered wigs as they were extremely messy and not at all convenient to wear on a daily basis.

In the 18th century wigs turned smaller and became a part of formal wear. Even today you will find lawyers and judges wearing wigs as part of their conventional court clothing. There are also ceremonial wigs that are bigger than the daily kind of wig that is worn in court. Today, the majority of people wear wigs to cover thinning hair or a bald spot. They are also useful to people suffering from hair loss when they undergo chemotherapy.

Although nobody likes to lose their hair and turn bald, it is more difficult for women to live with a bald head than it is for men. Our society dictates the meaning of beautiful to some extent and thereby expects women to have some hair on their head. Hence, when women lose their hair because of some medical condition they no longer feel beautiful. Wearing a wig will make the woman feel a lot better about themselves. And although it is a lot more acceptable for a man to turn bald, they too can get themselves a hairpiece to cover their thinning or bald head.
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